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Why KP for your business

  • Focus on Solution, Action, Result

  • helps to put your business on auto pilot mode

  • Save your 60 % Time, simplify your business operation, Automate your process & enhance your revenue.

  • Makes ease to implement any ERP / CRM in your business

  • helps to build your system of business by redefining & realigning existing process

  • Techno-Commercial approach doubles the power of business process automation

  • Deep practical knowledge about IT Tools & Techniques to ease business operation many folds

  • Help to reduce at least 60% involvement of CEO / Founder in the day2day process to focus on business development & collaboration.

  • 15+ Years of Work Experience at different stages of Business & Corporate Roles

  • Connected & Implemented Solutions to 300+ Small, Medium & Large enterprises

  • Data based approach & trend Analysis

KP Talks About

  • Optimum use of Google tools like keep, task, spread sheet, docs, drive, presentation etc. in the day2day business operation effectively

  • How to Increase significant Lead Conversion ( Prospecting, ICP )

  • What is Business Automation & Why is it important in Scaling business operations.

  • ERP & CRM selection & its Implementation

  • Redefining your existing process & building your system

  • Google calendar can change your life

  • Google Meet make team meetings & client meeting easy

  • Intranet website can enhance productivity of your team & build your business professional

  • Marketing Automation & Optimum use of Google mail features

  • Social media action plan & its optimum use

  • Customer Management, Relation & retention | How to practice effective customer Relation ?

  • Enhancing revenue potential of your business

  • Process automation & system driven approach rather person driven ( One Man Army)

  • Business sustainability vs. Scalability

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