Business Automation Using Borg Suite

BORG - Business Optimization & Report Generation ( Method to scale & automate business process)

BORG is known as software Tool & Technique to automate any business process up to 200 team size of organization..

BORG Modules - Sales CRM, Accounts Book, Service Desk, Inventory Management, Distributor Management, Human Resource-HR, Payroll & Task Force, SMS Engine, Email Engine, Auto Notification etc..

BORG - SOP & Customized

BORG with SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) - Pay what you use only ( User Licensing based SaaS Application on Cloud ) --SOP allows to customize up to some extend & All features become available foe all users whether they pay or not. Feature upgrades happens time to time based on feedback from all clients using SOP BORG. To know more about BORG with SOP, Visit

BORG with Customized ERP / CRM Software : Customized BORG provides end to end solution for Manufacturing, Export Units, Education Institutions, Ecommerce Solutions, Hospitals, Third Party Application Integration etc. This is complete customized software based on existing process of an organization & mostly used by Manufacturing or exports units or any complex system as they need their own customized process driven system. To know more about Customized BORG, Visit

How BORG works ?

  • Starts with existing process analysis

  • Define Process

  • Mapping defined Processes in to BORG

  • Mapping has to be done module to module

  • Day2day monitoring with our experts

  • Cause & effects Analysis

  • Prevent gaps & Leakages

  • Module to Module team training during implementation

After 3 months BORG starts delivering results as mentioned below :::

  • BORG simplifies your process

  • It reduce CXOs involvement in day2day process up to 60-70%

  • Allows CXOs to look forward collaboration & Partnership

  • Business Becomes system driven

  • Double your revenue