Google Calendar can be game changer for business/Individual ?

Google Calendar as a Game Changer ?

Time wait for none and opportunity comes with time only !!

Most people are not able to understand time management & people who understand, they write history..

Google calendar tells us how to walk with time. All people have same no. of hours in a day regardless of location, Education, type of work etc.. however, few are able to walk with time to achieve their dream goal.

Google calendar play great role scheduling meetings & setting up reminders for meeting. An entrepreneur can set meeting schedule for a year/month/week/day to manage meetings & engagements to utilize his / her working hours / days effectively.

Google Calendar is very user friendly & can be operated on windows / Mac / Android/ IPhone etc..

From the Brower, Calendar can be accessible easily with url -

Meeting Schedule : It allows to schedule & share meetings. Guests can be invited to join meetings. I have seen few people during / post lock down are using Google meeting for have frequent meeting with their team members who are working remotely or working from home.

Screen Share : Google meeting allow both Audio / Video Meetings along with screen sharing with "Present Now" Option available during meeting.

Notifications : While scheduling meeting, Google calendar allows to send email notification to all guests invited for meeting. Guests have option to accept / reject meeting invitation. In both the cases Accept/Reject, Meeting organizer receives mail notification.

Google calendar is integrated with 4 wonderful tools-

  1. Google Meet / Jitsi Meeting

  2. Google Keep

  3. Google Task

  4. Calendly

Google Meet / Jitsi Meeting : While scheduling meeting on calendar, There are several custom settings options are available. One great option is for selecting google meet / Jitsi Meeting to connect with guests on Audio or Video call to connect instantly.

Google Keep : Google keep is wonderful app available working on all the operating system. This is for maintaining all shorts of Business / professional / personal notes which are saved on cloud & available 24x7 on PC / Laptop/ Mobile.

Google keep has several features including setting labels, Coloring, Collaborator for sharing notes with other team members & stake holders.

Google Task : Google Task is most useful for tracking day2day activities & scheduling throughout the day / week/month/year. it is integrated with Calendar which helps to track all scheduled activities including reminders.

Calendly : Calendly is a third party application which is fully integrated with google calendar. Calendly provides platform to allow your customers / friends / vendors etc to share your google calendar & set meeting by them as per their availability out of your available meeting slots. Calendly is also available free of cost with limited features.

There are many more applications of google calendar based on requirements. Google calendar has been game changer for many of my clients.

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