What is Business Automation ?

What is Business Automation ?

Business Automation is very popular word & has been discussed very often during various high profile Industrialists & Startups Founders as well as CXOs working across many business segments.

Automation can be applied everywhere, Every segments of business, at every level. Its concept of implementation varies from industry to industry like service industry, Manufacturing, Trading, Solution Providers, Professionals etc. but Tools & techniques more or less remain same.

Decision makers / Leaders for Business Automation also varies industry to industry like somewhere IT Heads, Operation heads, Business Heads, CEOs or Founders etc..

Business Automation often reduces Operational cost, enhances employee productivity, Identifies gaps & Leakage in the system, makes business trackable, produces various reports on hands for decision makers, enables for corrective decision making, Enables remote working etc..

However, In Startup worlds often it enhances employee productivity, Streamline operations, Reduces CXOs involvement in day2day processes, enhances customer satisfaction, helps to retain employee & customers etc.

It's very easy to think & imagine however little difficult to implement for CXOs & their team members as it starts capturing realistic data which opens eyes of everybody which was earlier not visible..
But once done, Everybody start enjoying & feeling well.

It takes little time from 3 months onwards based on size of organization or complexity of operations

Application of some software tools & techniques in the existing process to simplify, to have minimum manual operations, to record data & produce business reports is known as Business Automation of that Business / Enterprise.

There are various tools are available in the market at very reasonable price or free of cost to ease business operations effectively. it empowers enterprise with tracking ability with the help of realistic data collected by team during their day2day activities with no extra efforts.

Initially, team may loose performance but later after 3 months starts picking up to their best level gradually-
Reason : It breaks confined equilibrium of entire system & that pains a lot for everyone in the system including CXOs

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How to choose right tool for business -

Application of Tools & Techniques with any business can be chosen according to its challenges encountering by CXOs & creating hurdles in achieving business objective.

Most of Entrepreneur needs Mentor, Coach & Consultant at this point to select right tool & techniques at right time to prevent process leakages / Gaps to make system productive, simple & automate.

Free vs Paid Tools-

Various MSMEs offer free tools with limited features & validity & can work wonder to accelerate growth or prevent leakages. Startups & MSMEs can opt hybrid model of free & paid tools which are required to address current challenge.

General Symptoms of business which needs Business automation-

  • No standard Operating System

  • No Access Control System

  • No Structured Data for Analysis

  • Competitors are growing Exponentially

  • No Decision on Estimation rather All decision on Guess-timation

Key Symptoms of needing Business Automation-

When a CEO/CXO feels operation scaling issue & difficulties in enhancing turnover / profit margin.

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With the help of automation, 80% of work can be done with only 20% of efforts.

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