Is Business Automation required for Small Business ?

Is Business Automation required for Small Business ?

Business automation is not defined either for Small Business or Large Business. This is a combination of tools & techniques to simplify business operation & automate daily activities so that data can be captured.

Captured data presents in a systematic formats called reports for analysis to business owners / CXOs to take right decision at the right time.

Business automation can be done for small businesses or large enterprise. however, It becomes necessary when business needs to scaled & profit margins to be increased whether business is small or large.In most of small business, It has been noticed that owner/CXO gets engaged in entire day2day activities due to lack of system by using tools & techniques & despite putting a lot of efforts, they are not increase their turnover / profit margin.

In this case, Business owners must think out of box & look in to business automation techniques with the help of their mentors / consultants.

As defined in my last article, Do not afraid of business automation, they are only few tools & techniques to be added in to your existing business process which are to be followed in daily activities.

Business automation builds system & makes business trackable with strong decision support system.

Enterprises can also go with business automation system step by step with a single departments first like first sales then service or products..

Before going to start, Owners / founders must do some exercise to make it happen successfully with the objective.

Major Tools & Techniques for Business Automation :

Google App Skills

Google is a ocean of free technology tools & very cost effective G Suite for small & Medium Businesses. Learn from KP how effective google tools can be deployed with business process to simplify, automate, make trackable your day2day process activities.

System & Business Tools

System is paramount important to scale & expand your business from at certain point. People driven business can not be scaled & expanded whereas System driven business has many fold ability to be scaled with little push systematically.

What is system ?
System is a combination of effective tools, Techniques & technology implemented in the existing business process which make your business system driven rather being a single man Army.

Expert Hand Holding

Implementation needs commitment, encourage, consistency & offcourse rich experience in process understanding, These all cam be done under the guidance of an Practitioner/Expert over a period of time.

Entrepreneur Community ( Rich Mind Group )

Relationship with entrepreneur is always awesome from any entrepreneur to learn, get references, get credible vendors etc. and gives you opportunity to be part of Group of Master mind people.

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